Bodhi Yoga Teacher Trainings Starting in March 2020

Yogaloft studio, Cork, Ireland

Interested in taking your practice to a deeper level?

The word bodhi in Sanskrit means "awakening" but is often translated into English as "enlightenment." In our teacher training we hope to 'awaken' in you the many gifts that come through the practice of Yoga. Kathryn will be facilitating on the teacher training course which will take place in Yogaloft studio starting in January 2018. This is a training for experienced and dedicated Yoga students who wish to deepen their practice as well as share their experience and knowledge with othersif they so choose. Nikki Cousins and Kathryn Moynihan who have a combined over 20 years of teaching experience teach the Teacher Training Program. They are both Yoga Alliance 500 hour accredited teachers. Nikki has been a student of Ashtanga for many years and has studied under many of the top Ashtanga teachers in the world, including spending time studying under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.  Paul Dallaghan of Centered Yoga is her main teacher. She has also studied under Sri O.P. Tiwari, a renowned teacher of pranayama. Kathryn has also studied under reputable Ashtanga teachers such Andrea Lutz, Manju Jois, Matthew Sweeney, Maty Erazty, Michael Stone and has also studied Iyengar methods. She is a dedicated student of Tibetan Buddhism and has been practicing Buddhist meditation since 2009. for more information on Kathryn for more information on Nikki 

yoga training in ireland

This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a yogic education with a difference.  We have put together this training to share our love and knowledge of the practice. We are committed to high quality standards in our own practices and teachings, and our students benefit from this. Our course is taught combining practice and theory. Our Teacher Training isn’t just for aspiring teachers, but for anyone who wishes to deepen their personal practice and gain a better insight into the origins of yoga and the philosophy. Training with us will give you the knowledge and confidence to be competent on the mat and in the classroom and inspire others to practice in a safe and educated manner.  The Yoga Alliance certification is pending.

Why do Teacher Training?

Ultimately you are at that place where there is an inner knowing that there is more to this practice than you are already experiencing, and you have a desire that wants to learn more and to go deeper into the practice. You may also be at the place where you have been deeply affected by your yoga practice and want to share this with others.

Through facilitation and help of our teachers you will be able to learn and understand what it truly means to practice the path of yoga.  During the training you will learn how to develop your own practice, which includes: what to do in your asana practice; how to sequence; how to balance, how to develop your understanding of the asanas. 

You will also learn how to turn your awareness inwards: how to quite your mind and how to enliven; how to breathe; how to bring awareness to your own natural rhythm.

Ultimately we are looking to free ourselves from the constraints of our habitual and conditioned mind. We learn how to observe ourselves, show restraint, be at ease with ourselves and be a witness to the constant change within us.

About the Program

Taking place over a ten-month study period, you'll be part of a like-minded group, which will set you on a healing and transformative journey. A sangha is a necessary part of any spiritual path.
The study will require your full commitment in and out of the classroom, but rest assured the process will be further enhanced through the friendships you make on this course. We believe that any training should have stages of evolution in terms of your yoga development, so we have staged this course into the following sections: Foundation, Immersion and Apprenticeship.


This module is about bringing it back to basics. Starting from a clean slate. Approaching the practice and the wealth that it contains with a beginners mind. So we will be looking at starting and maintaining a home practice. Looking at the foundations of the yoga poses on our syllabus. Starting to learn the basics of adjusting. Beginning with the foundations of A&P, pranayama, meditation and mantra. The basics of learning how to teach. But the over-all focus will be on building a solid foundation in your own practice., showing that you have a true understanding of the yoga poses on the syllabus. And this is not connected to being the most flexible or strong person in the room. It is about a knowledge and connection to the practice. Because if the foundation is not solid, all else will be weak.


Once we have the solid foundation in place, we can start with the true deep work of this practice. So we will be going into more detail of practice and teaching. The a & p will be more detailed, and the pranayama and meditation will be intensive.


This is about learning to be a yoga teacher. There will be adjustment clinics, lots of teaching practice with feedback from Kathryn and Nikki. Even if you are not planning on teaching after the course, this is a chance to get to the depths of the practice.

Learn how to master sequencing, delivery, and hands-on assisting to create inspirational classes for your students. Gain teaching experience from the get-go, receiving feedback and coaching throughout the course.

Discover the roots and origins of this ancient practice, and how it has evolved into the practice that we know today. Looking at some off the most important figures in yogic history, and the influence they have had. We will be discussing cultural appropriation as it relates to yoga, and the importance of respecting and acknowledging its origins.

Discover the practice of meditation and what it truly means to be mindful in one's life. Learn techniques in how to observe and calm the mind. You could say it's a form of personal development for the mind. We will cover topics such as shamanta meditation, introduction to the Four Foundations Of Mindfulness, loving kindness and compassion.

Learn the science of anatomy and physiology through the practice of yoga. We will go through the main body systems, organs, bones and muscle groups. By using your eye learn how to spot the mechanics of the human body through posture, alignment, common ailments and injuries.

The breath is one of the cornerstones of yoga practice and indeed of life itself. During the training we will look at the subtle yogic practice called pranayama by learning specific breath techniques. There will be pranayama practice sessions each weekend, and we will study specific pranayama practices.

At the very heart of any teacher training is the practice of asana, meditation and pranayama. We will be teaching these on each weekend, to deepen your understanding and awareness. You will also be expected to start and maintain a home practice, so that there is a natural progression during the training. The emphasis is on integration of these practices into your life, not just flexibility whilst on the mat.


Here are some of the other key topics we will explore:
Meditation practice and an introduction to the four foundations of mindfulness
Pranayama and Bandhas
Yogic physiology: Study of the subtle body, gunas and Chakras
Ancient practice of Ayurveda, Diet and the yoga practice
Ashtanga – the eight limbs of yoga.
The Basics of Ayurveda
Anatomy and physiology
Philosophy: Yoga Darshan: Ethics, Patanjali's Yoga sutras, Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads
Inversions in yoga practice
The art of back bending
Mantras and Chanting
The practice of Kriyas
Guided Loving Kindness & Compassion Practices
Assisting and adjustment techniques
Teaching principles and practices: sequencing, student teacher relationship,
Intent, communication skills
Developing a Business Plan as a teacher

Yoga Teacher training in Ireland

Location of Yoga Teacher Training

All the training will be taking place in Yogaloft studio
Contact Details: Yoga Loft Cork, Unit 1, Celtic Park, Monahan Road, Cork, Ireland
Tel: 083 167 7166

Course Fees and Conditions

COURSE FEES & TERMS - Tuition Fees: €2500
Tuition Fees & Payment Options:

Full price €2500 - paid in 2 installments (one in January, next in June €1450)
Early Bird €2,300 - available till November 1st 2018, subject to availability.
Flexible payment option, fee of €2,700 may be paid in ten monthly installments of €220

A €500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your space regardless of your payment option. Including scholarship holder.

Pro rata payment for partial attendance is not permitted. If agreeing to start the training, full payment is required.
If a student is experiencing financial difficulties we can adjust the installment facility. If a student fails to meet the payment deadlines outlined above they will not be able to complete the training. Variation to the above payment requirements will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.  

A partially funded scholarship is available for each training for those who have financial limitations. Application for the scholarship is made separately, with a letter explaining your circumstances. The decision on who the scholarship is given to is at the discretion of the Bodhi training faculty.

Enrollment in the Program is full time. Trainees commit to attending all modules and all days in each module. In exceptional circumstances where a trainee can't attend a weekend, or part of a weekend, they must notify and consult with Kathryn or Nikki well in advance.  If attendance is less than 90% than the trainee cannot graduate.

All trainees that are successfully accepted onto the teacher training are eligible for discounts on class passes at the senior rate and are invited to purchase a year unlimited pass with 25% off the full price. Below are the rates offered

Unlimited Yearly pass :  €862.50 (full price €1155)
5   Class Pass : €45  Valid for 5 weeks (full price €60)
10  Class Pass:  €85  Valid for 10 weeks (full price €110)
20  Class Pass:  €140  Valid for 12 weeks (full price €170)


There is a new intake into the Training Program each january. Numbers are limited so application does not guarantee acceptance. Applicants must submit their written application, on the Yoga loft Studio form.

Fill out and return the Application Form. Applications should be sent to: Training Coordinator, The Yoga loft studio, Unit 1, Celtic Park, Monahan Road, Cork, Ireland. If you have any queries prior to submitting your application please send an email to: or telephone: 083 167 7166

Once you are accepted you need to confirm your attendance on the course with a €500 deposit and notify us of your fee payment plan. Upon receipt of the deposit you will receive your ‘Acceptance Letter’, which includes details of the course such as dates, times, required reading, supplies etc.

Yoga Teacher training in Ireland

For more information on dates or anything else relating to this training please go to: or telephone: 083 167 7166

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'At first a yogi feels his mind Is tumbling like a waterfall; In mid-course, like the Ganges It flows on slow and gentle; In the end, it is a great Vast ocean, where the Lights Of Son and Mother merge in one. '

Yogi’s Mind ~ Tilopa