“Kathryn treats all her Yoga students as individuals, ensuring all participants get the most from every class or workshop they attend. I have always felt encouraged, safe and gently challenged by Kathryn’s engaging and supportive teaching style.”
Daniel O'Leary

As a busy career woman and mummy to two small children, my yoga class is the ultimate in me-time! Outweighing the benefits of any other form of exercise, yoga provides me with the complete balance of mind-body health. There is no doubt that after my weekly session with Kathryn on a Wednesday night at Yogazone, I am full of energy and vitality on Thursdays and Fridays and I embrace those day in such a positive spirit. Everything in terms of mind and body just seem to ‘work’ better after a yoga practice”.
Ciara Staunton

"Kathryn's teaching style is accessible, encouraging and challenging. With a smile, she will coax your body into trying poses that you did not think you were capable of. Her classes involve a balance of meditation and physical challenges. Unlike other teachers, every one of Kathryn’s classes is unique, as she combines the traditional ashtanga sequence with a different focus every week, such as breathing techniques, mindfulness, or working on a particular part of the body. She makes sure that each student is given individual attention and is eager to answer any questions that you might have."
Nora Kowlowski

"I started yoga thinking this is way to keep fit, but what i got over the years is so much more. From attending Kathryn's class i have gained in my level of health and fitness, but also gained through yoga a way of acknowledging and accepting the challenges that life throws at us. It is the quality of practice that Kathryn gives in her class which guide you towards a deeper understanding of the wider benefits of yoga and how they can have a positive impact on your daily life."
Aine Kelly

" I've been attending Kathryn's classes and workshops for the past two years, during that time they have served as a constant haven of serenity and renewal during a time of great change in my personal life. Although my own schedule has become very busy, I continue to return toKathryn's classes at every available opportunity as it is a unique, sacred space that offers an inspiring and restorative experience of yoga. In Kathryn's workshops I really found a special spiritual aspect as well as that extra depth that I had been looking for in my practice. A chakra and ashtanga workshop was the first big step for me, and I was lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher to guide me, and for that I will always be grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga. "
Kevin Ledwidth


"A true warrior is never at war with the world.".

- Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


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